The mother of the late Samantha Kile, Kim Earling appeared on Slocum in the morning regarding the death of her daughter and the arrest of Colin West. In the interview, she states that the old administration of the Braidwood Police Department lost evidence and did not take notes following the drug induced death of her 22-year old pregnant daughter and unborn grandson.

This week, a Gardner man, Colin West, was charged with the drug induced homicide, involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide of an unborn child in connection to the death of Samantha Kile and her unborn son. The death occurred in November of 2018.

Earling wants to make it her mission to convince the Food and Drug Administration to allow pregnant women who are addicts to use Vivitrol which can help prevent relapses into alcohol or drug abuse. Samantha was on Vivitrol and getting clean prior to becoming pregnant. She was off the prescribed drug and turned back to illegal drugs the night she was found dead in a bathtub.