For Immediate Release

Multi-Jurisdictional Sex Offender Verification Checks

On March 26, 2021, the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office hosted a multi-jurisdictional police initiative to check compliance on all registered sex offenders and registered violent offenders against youth residing in Kendall County. Investigators from nine (9) police agencies worked together to conduct compliance checks on 106 offenders making contact with 74. As a result of these checks, investigators identified three (3) offenders that were possibly in violation of the Sex Offender Registration Act or the Violent Offender Against Youth Registration Act, and criminal investigations into these allegations are being conducted.

The police agencies involved in this initiative are the Yorkville Police Department, Plano Police Department, Plainfield Police Department, Oswego Police Department, Montgomery Police Department, Joliet Police Department, Kendall County Sheriff’s Office, Kendall County Probation Department, and the United States Marshals Service.

Sheriff Dwight Baird stated, “The Sheriff’s Office is committed to the safety and security of everyone within Kendall County.  To meet this commitment, we will continue to conduct regular compliance checks on sex offenders and violent offenders to ensure they comply with the requirements of state law. We are fortunate to have great working relationships with local and federal law enforcement agencies, which maximizes the effectiveness of these efforts.”