Dine-in restaurants and bars will remain closed through the end of the month. Many are catering to online orders, including Little Pops New York Style Pizzeria. They’ve turned their dining area into a staging area for pizza boxes.

The Naperiville Pizzeria is giving back to those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Little Pops Pizzeria is on a mission to deliver pizzas with your help to healthcare workers, police departments and fire departments. Simply make a $10 donation and they’ll write your name on the top of the pizza box and they will deliver the pizza to Front Line Heroes. Go to their website
littlepopspizzeria.com. You may remember them as the winner of the Naperville Pizza Wars in February, winning all three categories for best pizza, sauce and crust. They’re located at 1819 Wehrli Rd in Naperville.

Little Pops Pizzeria in Naperivlle,