• Netflix has revealed a teaser for The Dirt, the Motley Crue biopic coming to the streaming service March 22nd.
  • Based on the band’s 2001 book, The Dirt: Confessions of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, the first look at the film shows a young Motley Crue charging through the LA strip.  Fans of the band took to social media to praise the look of the film.  Geeksofdoom.com expressed shock over how much the actors look like the members of Motley Crue in the teaser.  Rapper Machine Gun Kelly plays Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in the film.
  • Motley Crue also revealed that they are working with Machine Gun Kelly for a track to the film.  The band had recently said that they had recorded four original songs for The Dirt.
  • Which rock band needs its own biopic?