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Nickelback Member Details The Abuse He Receives From Haters

  • It’s one thing to not like a band, even publically. But it’s a whole other level of awful with what some haters put the members of Nickelback and their families through.
  • Bassist Mike Kroeger detailed some of the hate to Singapore’s Bandwagon in advance of the Canadian rockers’ gig there next week, which includes “verbally attacking our families and sending us death threats.”
  • Kroeger admitted, “Initially, it kind of hurt our feelings,” but now he can find humor in some of the things people have said about his band.
  • Brushing off “outright nasty” things that go too far, Kroeger adds, “That’s where you have to step back and think, ‘We’re obviously doing something right if someone hates us that much'”.
  • Why do you think Nickelback receives so much hate?

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