Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk says he was not contacted by NorthPoint personally but his staff was regarding a 103-acre parcel of land located on the south side of Breen Road just east of Rowell Avenue in Joliet. Currently it’s zoned agricultural and NorthPoint is hoping to change that to light industrial. Mayor O’Dekirk spoke with our sister station, 1340 WJOL, and The Scott Slocum show and says it’s a balancing act between raising revenue through private ventures or raising taxes.

NorthPoint was rejected by Elwood to build a 22-hundred acre Compass Business Park. NorthPoint already owns 700 acres in Manhattan and owns 200 acres in Elwood. Mayor O’Dekirk says while Elwood rejected NorthPoint, it may not play the same in Joliet.

NorthPoint Development is pulling all levers of government, city and county. NorthPoint has filed a zoning application with the Will County board to develop a 670-acre parcel of land into a logistics facility. Joliet Planning and Zoning meeting is October 17th.