Ozzy has definitely had a bad year.  He had that hand infection that landed him in the hospital. Battled the flu and pneumonia.  Seems like he never really got over it and NOW he fell at his Los Angeles home.  According to Ozzy’s Twitter account, the fall aggravated an old injury from 2003.  Back then Ozzy had an ATV accident. Some of you may remember it!  That accident caused him to get surgery and this fall has caused issues with that old injury.   News resources state that Ozzy, who is now 70, is frustrated, depressed, and angry that his health is preventing him from touring.  I mean… this dude bit the head off a LIVE BAT!   We get it Ozzy!  F*ck old age!

I’m not sure if there’s more going on with Ozzy.  That’s all we have for now.  However, he’s crazy and tough!  And plans to tour in 2020!   Check back for updates!

FEEL BETTER OZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~  The Q Rock Crew