Ozzy Osbourne says he once called the police on himself by accident while he was high on cocaine.  The former Black Sabbath singer gave an interview to NME Magazine and spoke about his new song “It’s a Raid,” featuring Post Malone.  Osbourne said it was inspired by a true event in the early 70s, when he and Black Sabbath were renting a house in Los Angeles and doing a “bowl of cocaine,” and felt extremely hot.  Ozzy said he was trying to turn on the air conditioner when he accidentally pressed the alarm and called the police.  He said, ten minutes later six cop cars came screaming down the driveway, and he shouted “it’s a raid” and began hiding the drugs.  Luckily for him, the police called it a false alarm.  Ozzy Osbourne’s new track “It’s A Raid” can be found on his new album Ordinary Man.