Plainfield District 202 has put a statement regarding the recent lawsuit claiming a incident of sexually violent hazing among the Plainfield Central Football Team. The lawsuit alleges that in October of 2019 two freshman football players for Plainfield Central High School claimed to be violated with broomsticks in the locker room by four other members of the team.

Monday’s lawsuit by the law offices of Romanucci and Blandin states that coaches were not present in the locker room but were aware that this type of hazing took place around the program. It’s also alleged that the the school district was not transparent with the investigation of the hazing. Attorney’s for the victims also state that there are other victims of similar incidents surrounding the Plainfield Central Football Program.

A statement from District 202 to the media says that they cannot comment on pending litigation but that the the school and district administration worked quickly with the Plainfield Police department to investigate the allegations. District 202 claims the police found that the alleged behavior did not meet the legal standard for “hazing”, there was no evidence of a sexual crime and no bodily harm occurred.

The plaintiffs are the parents of two minors, Doe Child A and Doe Child B. The defendants are Plainfield Consolidated School District 202 and three football coaches at Plainfield Central High School: Michael Moderhack, Jon Pereiro and Vincent Vasquez.

Our sister station, 1340 AM WJOL, has reached out to the Plainfield Police Department to verify the claims made by District 202 and the Plaintiff’s attorney for comment on the statement.