Plainfield Fire Reminds Everyone To Safely Celebrate The 4th

The Plainfield Fire Protection District is reminding everyone to please celebrate the 4th of July holiday
safely. If you choose to celebrate with fireworks make sure the fireworks you use are legal in Illinois.

Even novelty fireworks that are legal in Illinois have to be used safely by following instructions on
the packaging for proper use. Sparklers which are legal in Illinois actually account for the greatest number
of fireworks injuries usually to children. Sparklers burn in excess of 1200 degrees which is hot enough to
turn steel glowing red and melt many metals. An instantaneous touch from a sparkler can ignite clothing on
fire or cause a burn. If you celebrate with sparklers don’t allow children to play with them, run around with
them and keep a bucket of sand or water nearby to dispose of the spent sparkler rod.

According to the National Fire Protection Association fireworks started an estimated 19,500 fires in
2018, including 1,900 structure fires, 500 vehicle fires, and 17,100 outside and other fires. The fires were
caused by a combination of commercial, consumer and novelty fireworks. Healthcare facilities in Illinois
reported 126 people were injured and one person was killed by fireworks during the 2019 seasonal
reporting period between June 23rd and July 20th.

Remember to never pick up or relight any fireworks that fail. Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket.
Don’t use fireworks near structures or grassy areas. And always keep a garden hose nearby when using