Residents In One Subdivision In Lockport Asked To Keep Eye Out For Guns Discarded In Garbage Containers

The Lockport Police Department is asking residents in the Willow Walk Subdivision to keep an eye out for guns. Police want residents to search their properties and garbage containers for any additional guns that might have been disposed of following a gang shootout between three vehicles on Friday. If you locate a gun, you’re asked NOT to touch it and call the Lockport Police Department immediately. The shooting between three vehicle began just before 3:30 Friday.

Police were able to spot one of the vehicles, a black dodge Durango, Lockport and the Illinois State police followed the vehicle onto 355 and it ended up crashing at 163rd in Lockport. Four people were arrested of which two have been charged with having drugs on them, they have been identified as 24- year-old Jessie Tucker, being held on one-million dollars bond and 18-year-old Nevin McMurtry is being held on $750,000 bond. Both are from Joliet.