Ozzy Osbourne may come across as an affable, easy-going guy when appearing in his TV reality shows, but Rob Zombie says meeting the former Black Sabbath frontman in person was nothing short of “uncomfortable.” In a new Interview with Apple Music, Zombie recalls his “very weird” first meeting with Osbourne. “I went to his house; I don’t remember why,” Zombie says. “I thought, oh, it’s going to be a bunch of people. My manager will be there. Sharon will be there, whatever.” But it turned out that only Osbourne was home to greet him, Zombie says. “Ozzy’s like, ‘Oh, Rob, I want to play you my new record,'” Zombie recalls. “So he puts on his new record. I think he’s going to play one song maybe. He plays the whole album looking directly at me, singing most of it. I’m simultaneously thinking, ‘This is awesome, and this is so uncomfortable, I don’t know what to do.'” What’s the most uncomfortable someone has made you feel?