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Roger Daltrey Goes Nuts on Weed-Smoking Fans

  • Clearly, Roger Daltrey really has gotten old.
  • In an appearance at Madison Square Garden Monday, the 75-year-old Who frontman went ballistic on some fans who were smoking weed in the front row. He told them, “All the ones smoking grass down in the front there, I’m totally allergic to it. I’m not kidding. Whoever it is down there, you f***ed my night!  So f*** you!”
  • It wasn’t the first time Daltrey took exception to a pot-smoking fan. Four years ago, he threatened to walk off the stage after an audience member sparked up a joint.
  • Do you have an issue with Daltrey complaining about what people do at concerts? Have you ever been to a show where the performer got upset with the audience?
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