The first steps discussed at RUSH meetings for a safer drive along I-80 are coming to fruition. Residents United For Safer Highways initially met in January of 2018. At that first meeting, a safety assessment was discussed for some short term solutions to mitigate the number of accidents along I-80. To that end, we have confirmation that the Illinois Department of Transportation will install six cantilever signs. Those signs include four along I-80 and two along I-55. Southbound I-55 in Channahon just south of Route 6 at Summit. Southbound I-55 just north of Jefferson at Harris. Eastbound I-80 at Shepley Road, eastbound I-80 west of Larkin, westbound I-80 east of Larkin and westbound I-80 at Cherry Hill Road. The message boards will alert motorists to slow down. The 5.6 million contract has already been signed and preliminary work has started. These signs should completed by the summer.