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Slayer Guitarist Has Some Words for Rappers and Kardashians

  • Clearly, even headbangers get old and set in their ways. As proof, look no further than Slayer guitarist Gary Holt, who displayed a decidedly unaccepting, aggressive attitude toward rap/hip-hop artists at a recent appearance.
  • While hosting a music clinic at Rock City Music Company, Holt told attendees while “rappers used to have rhythm,” today’s hitmakers are “not even in time; they don’t even rhyme.” Calling out hip-hop artists with facial tattoos, Holt said, “That’s what dudes looked like when they passed out on the bus –- we’d Sharpie the f*** out of you. And now that’s what they look like on purpose. It’s crazy. They’re all f***ing Sharpied up like Lil Xan and lil’ this and lil’ that.”
  • Holt also used the appearance to clear the air on his feelings about the Kardashian clan. “I don’t hate the Kardashians,” he said. “I hate the people that have made them famous. I hate the fact that people are so enamoured and fascinated with the glorious lifestyles of the rich and famous that they would elevate them to this status.”
  • Do you agree with Holt on any of his points? Couldn’t someone rip into him in a similar manner over his tattoo sleeves or his long hair?
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