Slipknot Get Part-Time Job At Haunted House

closeup of a scary evil clown
  • The members of Slipknot look like they’d be right at home in a haunted house – which is exactly where they’ll be next month.
  • Members of Slipknot will be visiting a haunted attraction called “The Slaughterhouse” in the band’s hometown of Des Moines, Iowa.  For one weekend in mid-October, the band will be on-site giving tours to frightened customers.
  • Drummer M. Shawn Crahan says their involvement is “all about the fans”  and a chance to connect with fans in a setting other than a huge concert.
  • Slipknot has big plans for 2019, including a tour and eagerly anticipated new album.
  • Have you ever worked at a haunted house?  What was it like?  Do you enjoy being scared, or do you prefer less terrifying activities?


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