A Plainfield East High School Student was arrested on Monday after allegedly possessing a firearm on school property. It was at 9:00am that the school resource officer was called to the parking lot after school staff smelled marijuana on a student. The staff asked the officer to search the student’s vehicle that was parked in the school parking lot. The officer asked the student to exit the vehicle and wait with school staff. As the officer began to search the car, the student entered the rear driver’s side door and began moving around items on the backseat. The officer again ordered the student out of the vehicle. The student exited and waited for the officer to resume their search when the student then entered the passenger side door and again began reaching toward the floor of the car. The officer then attempted to restrain the student, but the student resisted and kicked the officer. The student was promptly arrested and the search completed.

Officers located a loaded, semi-automatic pistol under the front passenger seat of the car. The 9mm pistol had no serial number and according to officers was consistent with the characteristics of a “Ghost Gun.” The student, 18-year-old Serena L Cail of Romeoville, was charged by police with Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer.