A school board meeting that attracted hundreds instead of dozens of people at Minooka Community High School District 111.

Hundreds turned out at Minooka Community High School on Tuesday night in support of their principal Ron Kieswater who won’t be returning to the school. Student’s claim the beloved principal was let go because he spoke out about alleged racists remarks made by a school board member. The board member allegedly said she did not want an African American to teach their children. WJOL learned that statement was made during February Meeting but was not included in the minutes.

Meanwhile, Minooka Community High School District 111 Superintendent Kenny Lee tells Scott Slocum that the resignation of principal Ron Kieswater was mutual. Lee also says that reports of a racist comment by a school board member are not accurate.

Eight hundred people packed the auditorium at the school last night. Principal Kieswater recently signed a contract extension for three years which would have taken him into retirement.

There are 26-hundred students at Minooka Community High School of which 5% of the student body is minority and there is one black teacher. Both white and black student spoke about the need for more teacher diversification at the school.