The Metal Band That Inspired New Music From Mammoth WVH
  • Wolfgang Van Halen clearly has a lot of musical influences in his life, but one band was a huge inspiration for the upcoming Mammoth album.
  • In fact, one of Van Halen’s favorite bands is Meshuggah.
  • “I know — nothing like Mammoth,” Van Halen said in a recent interview. “On the next album, there actually is some Meshuggah-inspired stuff. Through the lens of Mammoth though, so not as super heavy.”
  • There is no set date for the next Mammoth WVH album, but you can check out the band on tour now with Alter Bridge.
  • How do you think Meshuggah will influence this next album’s sound? What do you think the next era of Mammoth WVH will be like?