The Reason Megadeth, Metallica Refuse To Perform Together
  • Although guitarist Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica before forming Megadeth in 1983, the two bands performed on the same bill numerous times in the years that followed. However, that ended after the two acts did a show with Slayer and Anthrax in 2011. Now, after sidestepping the issue for years, Mustaine is finally opening up on what put the thrash acts at odds – sort of.
  • “The issue is that people don’t know their history and take sides,” Mustaine says. “I never wanted to take sides. I wanted things to be reconciled and to be friends. But for whatever reason, they didn’t. And Metallica is represented by the same agent as Megadeth, and I’ve asked our agent, ‘You’re Metallica’s agent, too; why won’t those guys play with us? What are they afraid of?’ I don’t know. It’s not me; it’s them.”
  • For now, fans who want to catch both bands will have to buy separate tickets. Megadeth and Metallica have each announced upcoming tours this year.
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