Maybe you wanted to save some money this year or get into investing, but you aren’t sure where to start. Let the mobile app Acorns lead the way.
With your permission, the app automatically rounds up every purchase from your linked debit or credit cards to the nearest dollar and puts it into an Acorns investment portfolio.

You can let the app know if you want to be conservative or aggressive in your investments. If you want to take it to the next level, deposits greater than $5 will be needed. These can all be done by automatic or manual withdraws.

There is a bit of a running cost, though. You’ll need a minimum balance of $5 for a portfolio. Also, $1 a month for a taxable investment account, and $2 month for an IRA account. If you throw down $3 a month, you’ll get an Acorns checking account both investing accounts. College students with a .edu email address can try for free for four months.

Is saving money at the top of your list for 2019?