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Tommy Lee Lashes Out at Critic of ‘The Dirt’

  • While finding a good review of “The Dirt” would be about as easy as finding a sober member of Motley Crue in the 1980s, Tommy Lee has singled out Esquire magazine’s write up on the Netflix biopic, calling the piece “laughable.”
  • The review, written by Madison Vain, says the film is “demeaning towards women,” adding, “The movie never inspires you to root for anyone. It never even makes you hate anyone. You never feel like the men are lucky for being alive — not even Nikki Sixx, who literally died of a heroin overdose in 1987 before being revived with shots of adrenaline straight to the chest.”
  • Lee, who, along with his bandmates, is credited as one of the film’s producers, shot back at Vain on Twitter. He wrote, “Ur review in Esquire of ‘The Dirt’ was laughable. Jeff and the cast KILLED it. It was our lives, we would know. Besides, what are you, like 30 something? Little girl, you don’t even know about this life. Thanks for trying tho.”
  • What’s your review of “The Dirt?” Do you believe all the events in the film actually happened as they were depicted?

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