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Tool Drummer Wanted Album to be ‘One Giant Song’

  • With a run time of 10 minutes, 21 seconds, Tool’s single “Fear Inoculum” is the longest track in history to appear on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. If you prefer your rock to be shorter, just be thankful Danny Carey didn’t get his way.
  • The Tool drummer says when recording the album, which is also called “Fear Inoculum,” he was pushing to make it “one giant song.” Instead, the members of the band came to a compromise, breaking up the 85-minute musical extravaganza into seven songs. It also includes three “interludes,” which Carey says were included to give listeners a chance to catch their breath. “All of these other bands are writing songs to do this or that, but our only concern is where we meet,” Carey says. “When we get in that room, where it takes us, that’s where it goes.”
  • The album drops August 30th.
  • Can there be too much of a good thing? Can you name a song that would be better if it were shorter?
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