Families of several Troy School District 30-C schools got to see their children’s teachers and school staff in drive-by parades this month, during the coronavirus school building closures.

Parades have occurred or have been scheduled for the elementary schools Troy Craughwell, Troy Cronin, Troy Heritage Trail, Troy Hofer and Troy Shorewood.

Troy Transportation Director Lucy Feeney organized one bus to lead each school’s vehicle parade, with a micro-bird bus following up at the end as the “caboose.”

Teachers and other staff in the parades said they enjoyed seeing their students’ faces, as well as seeing each other. It was a real mood-lifter, one of them said.

“It was truly amazing,” Cronin teacher Kelly Forney said after the parade. “My heart is so full right now.”

“I am so proud to be a teacher at Cronin,” teacher Lindsay Wintermute said. “The best students, parents and staff. I am one lucky girl.”

Parent Vania Allen brought her three children to Cronin’s parade. Logan is in preschool; Gala is in 1st grade; and Jacob is a 5th grader at William B. Orenic Intermediate School. Logan and Gala loved seeing the teachers and principals, and even Jacob enjoyed it, recognizing several of his former teachers.“I loved it,” Gala said. “I think I saw my teacher.”

Parent Kristin Merriman was also along the route with her children Jacob and Zach. Zach is too young for school, but Jacob was delighted to see his teacher, Kelly Forney.

“He really misses school,” his mother said, “and he misses his teacher.”