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Turns Out Ozzy Hated Doing The Osbournes

  • When the idea of a reality TV show centered around he and his family was pitched, Ozzy Osbourne thought it would be “a piece of cake.” But it turns out it wasn’t what he bargained for.
  • Speaking to Metal Hammer, the Blizzard of Oz admits, “If someone offers you a s***load of dough to be on television, you’d have to be a mug to turn it down.” However, it also had its drawbacks.
  • Ozzy reveals shooting The Osbournes took a toll on his emotional state adding, “You feel like a f***ing laboratory rat,” because, “You can’t f***ing relax. It doesn’t matter where you go for a piss, you’re paranoid there’s a camera in there.”
  • At least the Ozzman isn’t ashamed of the show’s success. Would he do it again? “It’s now Kardashianville. The world’s changed, man,” he says.
  • Do you think having a camera follow you around constantly would change how you act? What do you see as the legacy of the show?

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