With expanded scholarships and career-launching degree programs, the University of St. Francis (USF) in Joliet found itself ranked in the top 20 percent of both Illinois and the U.S. in the most recent Money magazine list of best colleges this month.

Money’s Best Colleges in America 2022 publication ranked USF 5th among the 26 Illinois colleges and universities included in the rankings, and 107th overall out of a total of 623 ranked colleges and universities.

“High school students and parents looking at college, and adults looking at graduate school are right to be cautious about investing time and money into an educational program. A college degree can be worth millions of dollars over the course of one’s career. USF has designed degree programs that help our graduates launch truly valuable, meaningful careers,” said Eric Wignall, vice president for admissions at USF.

“As an investment, the value of a degree from the University of St. Francis continues to climb. It’s really gratifying that Money again recognized USF for offering high quality, award-winning degree programs in their latest rankings,” Wignall added.

“Money’s rankings only include U.S. colleges that have sufficient reliable data for us to analyze. In order to make the list, a college’s graduation rate must be at or above the median for its institutional category (public, private or HBCU). Alternatively, it must fall within the top 25% of our “value-added” graduation analysis, meaning the graduation rate needs to be higher than would be expected for colleges that enroll similar students,” explained a spokesperson from Money.