While it will be a while into the new year before COVID-19 vaccine is being given to the general public, WCHD (Will County Health Department) has established a survey registration link that is accessible on their website.

By going to the WCHD website COVID-19 Vaccine Information Page at https://willcountyhealth.org/covid-19/covid-vaccine/ and clicking on the survey, Will County residents will be able to provide important information; such as their age, occupation, and medical condition. This will allow WCHD to prioritize their registration list and contact residents on which vaccination phase they qualify to participate in.  Eligible participant categories will be posted and updated as necessary on WCHD’s website and social media.

“We are very excited to begin this vaccination registration process,” said WCHD Executive Director Sue Olenek.  “We ask everyone to be patient as we move through the different phases.  Please educate yourselves and be prepared when it is your turn.  In addition, we ask everyone to remember that even after vaccination you are required to practice the 3Ws of Washing your hands, Wearing your face covering properly, and Watching your distance.

Please go to the WCHD website for updates at www.willcountyhealth.org.