Remember how there was that petition going around asking that MAROON 5 perform the “SpongeBob SquarePants” song “Sweet Victory”?

Well, Bovada actually has a “prop bet” about whether or not that will happen, and the odds are IN FAVOR of it.  The odds of them doing “Sweet Victory” are 5-to-11, which is roughly 69%.  The odds of it not happening are 31-to-20, or about 39%.

There are some actual hints that the song will pop up in the halftime show.  Like a hype video Maroon 5 posted, that features about a one-second clip of SpongeBob.

Also, the guy who does the voice of Squidward said he’s recording the INTRO for the show.

Elsewhere, there’s a prop bet on whether the Halftime Show will feature a SpongeBob costume or inflatable.  That’s less likely, at just 5-to-1 or 17% that it’s happening.  And there’s yet another prop bet on if SpongeBob will ‘take a knee’ in protest.  (???)  Obviously, it’s a longshot.  30-to-1 that it’ll happen, or 3%.