Wilmington Police are seeking the whereabouts of a 38-year-old man for his alleged role in a fatal two vehicle accident back in January of 2020. It was at 6:00am on January 30th of 2020 at New River Road near Boathouse Road that Wilmington Police were called to the scene of a fatal two vehicle accident. Officers arrived to find a head on crash that had taken the life of 57-year-old Annette Reed, a passenger in a vehicle being driven by her son William C. Brown III. The accident also severely injured the drivers of both vehicles. Witnesses stated that day that a vehicle driven by William C. Brown, III was traveling westbound while passing a semi tractor-trailer on a curve in a no-passing zone when that vehicle collided with the second vehicle that had been traveling eastbound.

A warrant has now been issued for William C. Brown III, for three counts of Reckless Homicide (Class 3 Felonies), and three counts of Reckless Conduct (also Class 3 Felonies), with the Honorable Judge Victoria Kennison setting the bail amount at $250,000.00. Anybody knowing the whereabouts of William C. Brown, III is asked to call the Wilmington Police Department at 815-476-2811