For the second time in three months a shooting at a Crest Hill Apartment building. Crest Hill police responded to a call of shots fired inside an apartment in the 500 block of Pasadena Avenue on Saturday, October 26th at 6 a.m. There were five people at home at the time. No one was injured and Crest Hill Police Chief Ed Clark says this was a targeted shooting but not sure of the motive. The person gained entry to the building by being buzzed in by a resident or going in after someone else. The apartment is three story apartment and police are looking at video surveillance where available.

Extra patrols are being dispatched to the area. In August, a woman was injured after being shot. She’s expected to be ok. Meanwhile, there isn’t a good description of the suspect in the recent shooting. All people inside the apartment were questioned and one person was charged with obstruction of justice for failing to “be honest with police” according to Chief Clark.

Thirty-seven year old Nina Pulley was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. Clark advising residents to call the Crest Hill police department for any information on the shootings at 815-741-5115 or anonymously at Will County Crime Stoppers.