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You Can Be An Intern With Natty Light This Summer

  • The likelihood is you probably tossed a lot of money at Natural Light over your college days, and now you can have the chance at them paying you.
  • The cheap beer brand, affectionately known as Natty Light, is looking for a summer intern from June 10 through August 2. And unlike most, which only offer “credit,” this one puts $40 an hour in your pocket.
  • In a video pitch, brand manager Leon Solimani admits good grades are great, but he’d prefer “an ambitious, scrappy trailblazer,” noting, “We’re running Natty Light, not your uncle’s accounting firm.”
  • Presumably, you’ll get to enjoy a few brews on the job since they need someone over 21, but mostly you’ll help as a brand ambassador, bringing their social media some “fire viral content”.
  • What kinds of internships did you take while in college? How did they help your career?
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