• Considering Ozzy Osbourne’s colorful history of substance abuse, sexual escapades and bat biting, one could only image what he spent his first royalty check on when he was an up-and-coming musician. And one would probably be wrong.
  • “I bought a pair of shoes, a bottle of Brut and I went to the pub,” Osbourne says. “Brut’s like a cheap f***ing cologne and aftershave. But it was better than what I was smelling like at the time. But mind you, armpits and f***ing Brut smells f***ing great.”
  • Osbourne, who’s suffered a series of health issues in the past year, says he’s feeling great and he’s anxious to get back on the road. “I’m looking forward to getting back on the f***ing stage,” Osbourne says, continuing his barrage of F-bombs. “Let’s get this coronavirus under control. We can do some f***ing gigs, please. Don’t be dumb school and go to one of them stupid COVID f***ing parties.”
  • How did you spend your first paycheck?


Ozzy Osbourne Reveals How He Spent His First Royalty Check